Nine Years of Ownership

Nine years ago today I took delivery of Kiriwina at Northshore Yachts, Itchenor near Chichester, UK.

Pasted Graphic

Here she is alongside their dock after launch.

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Sadly, the years have not gone well for Northshore yachts. Just recently they went into liquidation for the second time in two years. The business is now known as Southerly but still operates from Northshore Shipyard.


A navigational error just up the road from us on the exit from General Paz motorway.


World Cup Final

Argentina was hoping for a good result.

Rafael the dachshund dressed for the day.

Argentina lost but fans went to the city centre to show their support.


This did not end well.


Riot police deployed.


Extensive looting and vandalism.

Puerto Sauce

Fine and clear today.


Puerto Sauce

Strong winds from WSW overnight and today.

Water levels dropped substantially and this neighbouring boat grounded almost beam on to the wind.


Puerto Sauce

A quick stop in Puerto Sauce to check on Kiriwina.


All fine on board. But cold.

Argentine Parking

Lot's of Argentine cars are heavily scratched front and rear. Here is why.

It is quite impossible for this car to leave. Unless he can shunt sufficient space. He arrived second and chose to park extremely close to the car in front.

The car in front has chosen to deploy a tow bar. Illegal but very effective in protecting his rear. If the trapped car tries to shunt his way out he will be the one that sustains damage.


Then the black car arrived and parked hard on the rear of the trapped car. Both cars will be damaged if the trapped car tries to leave.

Now the front car with the tow bar has left and been replaced by a van parked even closer.

Mooring Malfunction

The weather eased overnight and it was possible to go ashore.

Around 14:00 the Uruguay tanker "Sofia" came in to berth with wind from the west at 15 knots.

The idea is to nose into the berth, get lines ashore and winch in. She appeared to be in some difficulty and dropped her anchor to slow down.

She managed to get a stern line ashore but it broke as the load came on and she quickly swung away from the dock.

At this point she is almost 90º to the dock, without power and getting a bit close to moored yachts.

Finally they got the engine going and she was able to edge alongside and moor safely.

Pulpit Repaired

Pulpit back in place with all sealant cured and surplus trimmed.


Flanges straight and seating correctly.

Polishing is a tad less shiny than the original.

Bow roller now straight with both rollers now rotating.

Back to Puerto Sauce

Very busy day today. Up early to drive from Punta to Piriapolis where I met Laurence who will install the repaired pulpit and bow roller.

We got to Montevideo before 10:00 but the pieces were not quite ready. Finally we got away after 12:00 and after stooping for lunch we were back on board in Puerto Sauce just after 15:00.

It was fiddly work but all went well and we finished just after 19:00 and after dropping Laurence off in Piriapolis I got back to Punta around 23:30.

Another violent storm came through Puerto Sauce in January with winds in excess of 50 knots. The quay mooring buoys failed and five boats were badly damaged as the buoys dragged allowing moored boats to smash against the concrete quay.

Similar but less severe damage occurred during a December storm when Kiriwina was also damaged. Looks like that was a warning that was not heeded.

This classic boat received minor damage in December but this time it lost nearly a meter from the stern..

Jose Ignacio

Spending a few days in and around Punta del Este. In theory we are still in season but it's very quiet with lot's of vacancies.

Lighthouse at Jose Ignacio about an hour NE along the coast from Punta.


We are in Montevideo for a few days staying at the Tryp hotel in Punta Carretas.

This afternoon we handed over our pulpit and bow roller to the repairing engineer. They should be ready next week.

Lovely sunset over Yacht Club Uruguayo.


To Montevideo

We got the pulpit into the car. Just.

Luckily the road to Montevideo is very smooth. A slight port list was required from the driver.


Pulpit Off. Puerto Sauce

I'm hoping to have the pulpit and bow roller repaired quickly in Montevideo.

Removal required disconnection of the forestay and the deployment of two halyards (winched very tight).


Fixing holes temporarily patched.

Interesting gaps where original sealant was applied.

Carnival - Gualeguachu

Carnival at Gualeguachu (Entre Rios, Argentina) is very popular. We couldn't find accommodation in town and booked a small hotel just over the bridge in Uruguay not realising that our three crossings would cost Arg$70 each.

Things didn't really get under way until around 23:00. The parade was stunning and well worth the wait.

Highly recommended but book your hotel early.


We bought tickets earlier in the day for reserved grandstand seating.

Lots of vendors selling parking. It's probably better to walk from the town centre.


Once the parade starts there is a constant stream of floats and performers from left to right down a long avenue.
















Paying Road Tax

Road tax in Argentina is levied by the provinces and paid by instalments throughout the year.

In Buenos Aires province payment may only be made to Banco Provincia who do not make it particularly easy. Long queues result. Today the wait was about 45 minutes.


For security reasons the use of mobile phones is banned in Argentine banks.

Security staff extend that ban to include doing anything that a modexampleern phone is cable of. Reading an E book for example.

Today there were three security staff watching the queue with only one teller servicing the queue.

Continuing Power Cuts

Very hot weather and power cuts continue in Buenos Aires.

People are not happy and today protesters blocked some streets.


In parts of the city some high rises have been without electricity for weeks.

This means no water, no lifts , no cooling, no refrigeration. Pretty bleak, especially for those on higher floors.

Summer in San Isidro

A beautiful sunny day in San Isidro with the trees providing welcome shade.


New Year

New Year in Buenos Aires.

A lovely evening of fine food and music.