Back to Puerto Sauce

Very busy day today. Up early to drive from Punta to Piriapolis where I met Laurence who will install the repaired pulpit and bow roller.

We got to Montevideo before 10:00 but the pieces were not quite ready. Finally we got away after 12:00 and after stooping for lunch we were back on board in Puerto Sauce just after 15:00.

It was fiddly work but all went well and we finished just after 19:00 and after dropping Laurence off in Piriapolis I got back to Punta around 23:30.

Another violent storm came through Puerto Sauce in January with winds in excess of 50 knots. The quay mooring buoys failed and five boats were badly damaged as the buoys dragged allowing moored boats to smash against the concrete quay.

Similar but less severe damage occurred during a December storm when Kiriwina was also damaged. Looks like that was a warning that was not heeded.

This classic boat received minor damage in December but this time it lost nearly a meter from the stern..