Paying Road Tax

Road tax in Argentina is levied by the provinces and paid by instalments throughout the year.

In Buenos Aires province payment may only be made to Banco Provincia who do not make it particularly easy. Long queues result. Today the wait was about 45 minutes.


For security reasons the use of mobile phones is banned in Argentine banks.

Security staff extend that ban to include doing anything that a modexampleern phone is cable of. Reading an E book for example.

Today there were three security staff watching the queue with only one teller servicing the queue.

Continuing Power Cuts

Very hot weather and power cuts continue in Buenos Aires.

People are not happy and today protesters blocked some streets.


In parts of the city some high rises have been without electricity for weeks.

This means no water, no lifts , no cooling, no refrigeration. Pretty bleak, especially for those on higher floors.

Summer in San Isidro

A beautiful sunny day in San Isidro with the trees providing welcome shade.


New Year

New Year in Buenos Aires.

A lovely evening of fine food and music.