Sulphuric Acid Leak

Another case of very small subtle signs indicating a much larger problem.

"Kiriwina" came with 3 identical 110amp batteries which appeared virtually brand new and caused no problems in use.

At inspection and survey some stains were noted on the aft cabin sole but the sole being securely screwed down was not lifted. At delivey when filling the fresh water tanks I noticed there was sulphuric acid on the tanktop. The broker was present and of course had no idea how it got there. I flushed the tanktop and bilge liberally with fresh water.

Back in Dartmouth I bought some bicarbonate of soda and dosed what I thought was the affected area. It was only during winter that the full extent of what had happened became clear.

Leafing through some Northshore maintenance invoices there was quite a large one for electrical work. I had been told that the batteries had been replaced because of damage caused by incorrect terminal wiring. I suspect that this incident caused a large acid spill which was not properly cleared up.
Acid damage included destroyed strumbox on auto bilge pump, badly damaged eberspacher ducting in way of the spill, battery box woodwork and underside of cabin sole. All were replaced/repaired at substantial cost including a new cabin sole.