Florianopolis to Rio Grande Day 2

Overnight we continued motoring in almost calm conditions as the forecast wind NE did not appear.

At 08:00 Cabo Santa Marta was around 10 miles to starboard. A light NE wind provided some extra power as we continued motoring. Conditions were settled but a slight swell threw the boat a boat a bit.

A bit later the wind increased to NE 4 and we continued under main and poled out yankee.
Noon run 79.36 miles (21 hours). Rio Grande Entrance 270 miles.

The wind was now more or less as forecast though a tad stronger.

Forecast for 7th March - 5th March


By 20:00 the wind was NE 5 with rough seas and moderate swell. We proceeded under main with 3 reefs, staysail and yankee. Boat motion was uncomfortable at times and Andre suffered mild sea sickness at times.