Kiriwina - 8 Years

Eight years ago, at Itchenor, Kiriwina was launched and formally handed over to me.

Sheet Car Repair

Finally found somewhere to repair my Lewmar mainsheet car. Excellent job at a cost of around £39 probably with an element of Gringo Tax.

I tried to drill the screw out and failed, as did a workshop with fixed drill mount. How these chaps did it I don’t know but they even made the insert square so it can’t rotate. Impressive.



The car body is aluminium with many stainless steel components. Lewmar make no effort to insulate these components. Add frequent dousings with salt water and the inevitable corrosion happens. In my case a screw broke when I attempted removal (In 2008).


Rio Grande - Maintenance

Last day in Rio Grande. We cleared out yesterday.

Kiriwina will be 15 years old this year. The first 20 metres of her anchor chain have pretty much lost all galvanising and rust freely. I'm not sure yet whether I will re-galavanise or purchase new chain. In the UK I would re-galvanise but over here I suspect a new chain will be cheaper.

Chain corrosion.

Today I replaced the anchor chain markings and topped up with 95L of fresh water. Donation to the museum R$70 and a final supermarket shop.