Buenos Aires to Florianopolis

Cold air conditioning blasting all night. Impossible to turn off.
Lots of unscheduled stops so late arrival.
My box had been moved and thrown to one side upside down. Courtesy of jerks in Retiro I suspect.
Having tried both services on this route I would say Pluma are better but their coach is an older design. Flechabus are not recommended. In fact I would say they are to be avoided.
While being a tad more expensive and taking longer the route to Florianopolis through Montevideo is a much better experience. Particularly on EGA.
Kiriwina will take a day or two to repair so we are saying two nights at
Posada Quinta da Bela Vista in Santo Antonio. Lovely location.

Buenos Aires to Florianopolis

We travelled on FlechaBus from Retiro.
There were problems boarding due the jerks loading baggage saying a cardboard box was not baggage. Had to get the driver to resolve. Then jerks argued about putting my box the right way up. Had to argue repeatedly before they finally stowed it correctly.
Coach not very clean. Particularly fresh water dispenser and toilet where no soap paper or towels.

Service on board again perfunctory. Crew not interested. Food served not worth the effort . No films shown. At Brazilian border passengers dumped outside at 23:30 while coach taken away for cleaning and fuelling.
Passengers then had to stand in a circle while passports and then immigration cards returned.

Fragata Libertad

Propaganda from Argentine government supporters. The Argentine navy sail training ship is returning after being detained in Ghana.


Happy New Year - Buenos Aires

Happy New Year


Saw in the new year in Boulogne on the northern side of Buenos Aires.
Strong winds bought a cool change and by midnight it was below 20ºc.

Lots of people outside on the streets at midnight letting off fireworks. Anybody could let off whatever fireworks they had. One neighbour, who happened to be in the fireworks trade, put on a spectacular display.

Yesterday morning a doctor was on TV warning people to take care with fireworks. This morning one hospital reported 35 admissions, including many children, with firework injuries.