Florianopolis to Rio Grande Day 1

Our plan was to sail on the mid afternoon tide. Conditions were calm with a NE wind forecast to develop during the afternoon.

My first job was to give the dinghy a good scrub and rinse. It took a while as barnacles from San Antonio were well established in places. Thereafter I checked oil levels and belt tension and we were pretty much good to go.

I collected Andre at 14:00 and after stowing the dinghy we weighed anchor at 15:00 in light variable winds.

Clearing the bridges southbound at 15:20.


As we approached Punta Dos Naufragados and Canal Sur leading to the open sea breakers were clearly on the rocks to starboard. Canal Sur is benign in settled conditions but when an ebb tide meets southerly waves or swell conditions can become very violent.

In the event our passage was calm and uneventful. We cleared Punta Dos Naufragados at 19:40 just after dark. Andre was on the phone to an experienced local sailor who recommended proceeding east to an offlying island before turning south.

Absent any wind we continued motoring in slight seas and swell.

Forecast for 6th March - 26th Feb

Forecast for 6th March - 5th March