Engine Service and Coupling Repair

Tonto Marine undertook a routine Yanmar service. Nothing untoward was discovered and the engine was found to be in good order and ran just fine.

It was confirmed that the propellor shaft had moved aft by about 1.5" inches. The cause of this movement was not immediately apparent but when the coupling was dismantled it was found that the locking pin had not been properly installed and was ineffective. Tonto refitted the coupling and added a locking screw so I do not expect a recurrence. Just to make sure I fitted a jubilee clip on the shaft just forward of the stern seal.

The clips we had found loose and removed from the
stripper in Denmark were refitted. These clips had loosened after repeated contact with the locator plate as the shaft moved aft which also explained the noises emanating from the stern.

Autohelm Radar

On passage from Brighton to Cowes the radar failed in fog. This was only the second time it had been used in anger.

Later inspection showed the cause of scanner failure to be water inside the scanner dome submerging the circuit board with the drain tube not being effective.

The choice one was presented with was to try to find a replacement scanner for an obselete piece of kit (9.5 years) or uprgrade. I still don't think expensive electronics should fail after only 9.5 years. I don't mind the technology dating but early failure is not acceptable particularly after very very light usage.

Small boat radar has progressed rapidly since 1997 and I looked on this more as an upgrade than a repair/replacement.

The Autohelm radar replacement was a Raymarine C70 Plotter, Navionics Gold charts, scanner and a new GPS unit. A quantum leap in functionality.