Aries Wind Vane

The Aries windvane servo blade had developed a habit of flipping up at sea. It didn’t seam to be seating home properly. I consulted Peter at Aries who suggested I check the seating washer.

Water had got under the washer and some corrosion had developed. This pushed the washer out slightly preventing the blade from seating fully. I removed the washer cleaned everything and epoxied the washer back in place. Thereafter the blade seated perfectly.

Raised washer preventing servo blade from seating home fullly.

Offending washer removed.

Spinnaker Pole

Rivets holding the uphaul/downhaul bracket failed. The pole was only 18 months old and had been lightly used.

Gas pipe failure

We rolled heavily on passage to Fortaleza. The gas pipe was not up to the job and the gimbal lock fell apart.

Fresh Water Tank

The central underfloor flexible tank, new May 2006) developed a leak in the seam at one corner.